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Blackpool Central Pier

500 metres south of Blackpool tower is the Central Pier, which was constructed from cast iron with wooden decking and was opened in May 1868. From the beginning, the Central Pier’s purpose was to provide fun rather than gentle ocean views, its main attraction in the early days was its dance halls, which were quickly converted to roller rinks when the 20th century hit. Rides and amusements were soon added, and many of the attractions that were built before the Second World War were adapted for more modern audiences, they were made into theatres, bars and arcades as the 1970’s arrived. In 1986 Central Piers Pierhead Theatre was completely modernised and was labelled ‘Peggy Sue’s Showboat’, and the later addition of a 33 metre high Ferris wheel in 1990 was key to bringing in the tourists – giving a subtle nod to the former star Victorian attraction of the Winter Gardens.

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